Long time no update but thank you to everyone once again who has been supportive over these past few months. Its been a bit rough but it's great to be back on the mic talking about craft beer. On this episode we once again sit down with local homebrewer Lee Samways as well as musician and occasional beer drinker Ben Hein. We discuss what its like to volunteer for Central Coast brewing while we pour at their events, how to mix our loves (maybe just mine) of gambling and craft beer, and highlight how our local breweries won big at the Great American Beer Festival. We also review some beers from Offshoot Brewing Company, Woodland Empire Ale Craft, Tired Hands Brewing Company, and one of Lee's Gold Medal winning homebrews. Thanks for listening and Cheers!

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Welcome Back for Volume 3 of Craft Beer Chronicles! On this special episode I sit down with central coast homebrewer and Head Volunteer for Central Coast Brewing(his words) Lee Samways. I talk with Lee about how he got started in homebrewing, what he has learned over the years, and what it has been like to volunteer for Central Coast Brewing. We also talk about ghosts, Lee's unfortunate yet hilarious Hershey's kiss incident from his childhood, and of course have Lee decide which Central Coast Brewing beers he would Binge, Bong, Bail!

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Use the Promo Code Craftbeerchronicles10 at Tavour.com to save $10 on your first purchase of $25 or more. Begin exploring the amazing world of Craft Beer today/

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Use the promo code craftbeerchronicles10 at Tavour.com to save $10 on your first purchase of $25 or more

Welcome back everybody! Thank you all for your support with the first episode, it was such a blast and Im happy to present to you Craft Beer Chronicles Volume 2. In this episode, I am joined by my first guest that actually works in the Craft beer industry and good friend Tony Bagz. Tony talks about working for Central Coast Distributing here on the central coast and how he got started with craft beer. We also discuss our experiences with this years SLO Craft Beer Festival, what collaborations we want to see with our favorite brewers, and our favorite beers of the week. I also make Tony choose between 3 of his self proclaimed favorite beers in another edition of Bong, Binge, Bail! Hopefully you enjoy and as always drink responsibly.

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This is it everybody! The much hyped and stressed over debut of Craft Beer Chronicles. I am joined by by some of my craft beer companions Leo, Matt, and Teyvon as we prepare for the SLO Craft Beer Festival and discuss our beginnings in craft beer as well as what we look forward to in the future while we enjoy a few good brews. We discuss the origins of our Bible Club; come up with a beer equivalent of F&$K, Marry, Kill; and debate as to how certain other animals would fare in a fight against a silverback gorilla. WARNING: Explicit and very crude content ahead.

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